About Tempo

Who We Are

Tempo is a one-stop resource center for young adults with extra challenges. We focus on achievement, employment, schooling, healthy relationships, and practical skills to reach future goals. Young adults learn to be leaders, learners, workers, and role models.


All youth face major life decisions between the ages of 16 and 25. When young people have grown up in foster care or residential programs, without strong family or community support, and with emotional, behavioral, or substance abuse problems, they may also face challenges of homelessness, hopelessness, depression and prison.

Tempo addresses the urgent need for services for youth at the critical point of transition into adulthood. Tempo’s diverse staff use a youth-centered planning process to help young adults develop goals, provide the tools they need, and  walk with them through the steps to their goals.


Tempo coordinates resources from local service providers, including:

  • Comprehensive, youth-centered goal setting and planning process (Wayside)
  • Legal advocacy and access to benefits (Advocates)
  • Housing search and placement and substance abuse treatment (South Middlesex Opportunity Council)
  • Health education and assessment (Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center)


  • Comprehensive employment and work-related services
  • Legal advocacy and access to mainstream  benefit programs
  • Housing search and support
  • Community health educators and access to health care
  • Recovery groups oriented specifically toward young adults
  • Independent living skills workshops
  • Peer leadership and parent support groups
  • Social networking, community service, and healthy recreational events
  • Practical assistance with transportation and other basic needs